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Female Cycle in a Male Cycle World

The male hormonal cycle spans 24 hours as opposed to the female cycle which spans around 21 - 35 days.

For men, their cycle is based largely around testosterone which is highest in the morning (increased libido, productivity, focus, social skills, energy), dipping around it’s lowest at 5pm, fluctuating slightly then levelling out in the evening. Then they wake, rinse and repeat.

Women on the other hand change substantially from one day.

Unfortunately, modern business, school and fiscal systems were originally designed around the male cycle since they were built by and for men, not women.

Aka daily key performance indicators (KPI’s), static goals, an expectation for consistent daily levels of productivity and performance, set office hours, set business days etc.

So, how to get around that?

1. Track your cycle so that you can understand where you are at and support yourself outside of constraints as much as possible.

2. If you have any sway with scheduling meetings, choosing overtime, doing homework - do so outside of your pre-winter and inner winter (the last 3 days of your cycle and the first 5).

3. Pitch and command the boardroom in your Inner Summer (around ovulation) while your magnetism is heightened.

4. Encourage your advisers to review your performance monthly not daily or weekly.

5. Lean on the superpowers of each phase of your cycle - the insight of inner winter, the playfulness of inner spring, the energy up level of inner summer and the intuition and editing genius of inner autumn.

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