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Fame Doesn't Equal Effortless Sales

I was attempting to re-record one of my launching podcast episodes the other day and in it, I gave Kim Kardashian as an example for doing the things even when you have a million things in the air.⠀

Then I tried to think of a less polarising person to give as a second example and I couldn't, so I just said 'If KK bothers you (I really don't give AF) and you can google your own alternate'. Or something to that effect.⠀

Regrettably I won't use that recording because the kids came home and I lost my train of thought.⠀

Either way though, I find it ridiculous that people are triggered by her and think that she doesn't have to work hard simple because she had a certain amount of fame when she launched herself.⠀

Because the amount of followers you have or start with does not equate to how easy running your business will be, how much success you will have or whether or not anyone is ever going to actually buy your stuff.⠀

This is probably one of the biggest misunderstandings on Instagram where so many people truly believe that vanity metrics sell and that people will convert and engage with them MORE if their following number is just higher.⠀

It's not accurate.⠀

I've known multi 6 figure entrepreneurs who make a significant amount via Insta who have only 1,000 followers. I've known multiple entrepreneurs who have 100K+ followers who have bought 80% of them. I've known successful entrepreneurs with large Insta followings who still don't convert within the context of this particular platform and only have success elsewhere.⠀

The numbers don't actually mean anything - it's how you show up daily and connect in with your small or big audience, whether or not they choose to engage with you and the work you do in the background to be able to present them with an option to convert.⠀

What're your thoughts on this?⠀


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