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Explained: White Moon vs Red Moon Cycle

White Moon Cycle vs Red Moon Cycle - what does this mean?

We just had our New Moon in Leo and at the same time, I started my Inner Winter, bleeding with the new moon. Who else experienced the same?

This is called a White Moon Cycle (bleeding with the new or waning moon).

The story goes that back before artificial lighting, when living in close knit communities and tribes, women’s cycles naturally followed a bleed at the New Moon to then facilitate meet ups upon ovulation, under the Full Moon when you could see your lover in the moonlight.

The earth is also considered more fertile at the Full Moon and so there exists a symbiotic relationship with Mother Gaia that may support those wishing to become parents.

Women whose cycles follow this rhythm are said to be in the Mothering/Nurturer phase of their lives. This can be in relation to having a family, or it can relate to seeking to birth a project and nurturing this and/or community. You may find yourself more inclined to seek refuge to self renew after giving of yourself so entirely during the rest of your cycle.

During your bleed, you have low energy from a hormone perspective, add on that the low light of a New Moon can also result in low energy for humans in general - this makes rest virtually a non negotiable in the Inner Winter of those experiencing a White Moon Cycle.

A women whose cycle instead bleeds with the Full or Waxing Moon and ovulates around the dark of the New Moon is said to be in the High Priestess or Healer phase of her life and at a point where she is embracing her passion.

In this life phase, you’re likely prioritising self growth/development as well as outward creativity to teach and inform others. You’re wielding your magic and probably won’t get as depleted. Research has shown that at the Full Moon, people are inclined to need less rest, so when following this rhythm, you may find that the low energy of Inner Winter is not as affecting compared to when you’re in a White Moon Cycle.

Pretty cool eh?

Which rhythm are you currently in? 🤍or ❤️


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