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Explained: Shorter Menstrual Cycle

What does it mean when you have a shorter cycle? This question came up recently from my IG community so let’s have a look at what this can tell us.

The short answer is that it generally means you’re maturing and your egg supply is naturally reducing or that you’re too stressed. The long answer is a little more technical.

Note, a normal female hormone cycle length is considered to be between 21-35 days however a good average is around 28/29 days.

Shorter cycles does mean that your body is going through its eggs at a faster rate and earlier onset of menopause can elevate the risk of various conditions. Having said that, no one woman has the same number of eggs so you may have a bigger stockpile than others.

Less than 28/29 days may mean you’re having an early ovulation in the first half of your cycle or a shortened luteal phase in the second half.

As egg supplies decline, the follicle stimulating hormones from your brain are produced in rising amounts to help your body select the queen egg earlier. Stress can also result in this occurring preemptively. One way to test when ovulation occurs is with an ovulation kit or by tracking changes in your discharge texture/your temp.

A shortened luteal phase can be due to low progesterone. When the queen egg is released, the follicle remains release progesterone to create the right conditions in the uterine lining. When an egg does not then implant, the body does not take over production of progesterone levels and these fall which triggers menstruation. If progesterone is too low to create the right conditions/maintain levels for long enough then menstruation triggers early.

The most obvious reason for low progesterone will be stress as cortisol uses the same building blocks as progesterone and the body will always prioritise this in case we need a heightened flight/fight response to run from a tiger.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk and let me know if this helped you understand your cycle better!

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