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Explained: Longer Menstruation Cycle

Who here has experienced random longer menstrual cycles with a delayed or missed period? For some this would trigger hope, for others, dread.

Either way, an unexpected longer menstrual cycle doesn’t automatically mean that you’re pregnant and anything up to 35 days is still considered within the normal range.

It may instead mean that you’re experiencing late ovulation or have missed your preceding ovulation.

Ovulation is triggered by hormones secreted in the hypothalamus and then pituitary gland (both in the brain), these stimulate the ovaries to produce estrogen for ovulation. If you don’t produce enough of the right hormones in either of the 3 places, your ovulation will be late or missed.

Some of the common reasons that this can occur is:

  • Flow on effects from your adrenal glands overproducing testosterone such as in PCOS or thyroid glands over/underproducing such as in various autoimmune disorders. Virus load and inflammation in the body can trigger these.

  • [Stress] Producing too much prolactin (this is the hormone which stimulates milk production after pregnancy but it is also the ‘nurturing’ hormone which will elevate if you feel like you, your family or community are threatened. One sign that you are higher in prolactin is if you hold excess weight around your midsection.

If your ovulation is missed, progesterone doesn’t consequently rise and then fall (the rise being what makes your uterine wall hospitable to an egg and the fall being what triggers your bleed). In these instances your estrogen continues to build up your uterine wall until it becomes unsustainable and your period eventually just ‘breaks through’.

Let me know if this helped you understand your cycle better!

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