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Everything is But a Phase

Last week was a storm of a week and I feel like I am now riding out on top of the biggest wave in the world.

It’s amazing what a few days and a few shifts in the universe (and mindset) can do.

There’s this great saying that I’ve heard a few of the period/female embodiment coaches I admire say when women are considering making massive life changes decision just before/during their period. They say ‘just bleed on it’ i.e. wait until after your period to make any decisions because everything might just change.

I feel like there should be a similar saying for when we are experiencing the after effects of the full moon or some substantial cosmic moment like the Winter Solstice >> ‘just wait for the world to shift’.

Then the world will indeed change and your mood and thought process often along with it.

I know some believe that the more you pay attention to planetary alignment etc, the more it affects you. Like how voodoo doesn’t work until you believe in it. Perhaps there is some merit to this but I also know when looking back at past patterns that I’ve always been affected by astrology, even when I had no understanding of it. And when this was the case, I certainly didn’t have the wisdom to move through it fluidly and lean in to take advantage of the benefits of the ‘lows’. And yes, there are always benefits.

Being so down on myself and my biz last week allowed me strip away the layers and remind myself of the core values and why I must go on even when it doesn’t feel great. I was able to shift myself in part because of my awareness of what was causing it - something that was not available to me in the past. I got a bit weepy and critical and I had to have extra rest. I broke down and laid it all out (rather than bottling it up) when my husband asked me what was wrong - and so he was able to give me counsel and another perspective.

Sometimes we need to cry. Sometimes ask for help. Sometimes just feel into the shit. The weeks that feel so colourless are important because you get to address the things you may otherwise ignore, cover up and never fully unravel.

So here’s to the week ahead. We’ve got this!


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