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Essential Oils and Quality

One of the biggest issues I have with the chocolate industry is their lack of quality control and transparency with the start to finish process - they also generally can't even confirm to themselves exactly where their stock is sourced from and, this is part of the reason why certain main contenders have had trouble guaranteeing that their ingredients are ethically sourced. And historically, it's been an incredible unethical industry with the farmers being paid vastly below cost of living wages.

I know, I know, that's a tale for a different day.

With essential oils or really any industry, it can be the same. Very little transparency with respect to where the ingredients, main or otherwise, have come from and, no real guarantee of ethics, quality or even self awareness of what the entire story is.

Young Living by contrast sets the standard for essential oil authenticity by monitoring the production of their oils from beginning to end and, applying a strict set of quality controls along the way.

1. The seeds ultimately used are chosen for their verified ability to become plants with optimal amounts of bioactive compounds;

2. They own their own farms globally and their specialists travel the world visiting these sites to ensure that processes are in line with YL standards. They are super transparent in their sources;

3. They are innovators in essential oil distillation and use traditional and modern techniques;

4. They test their oils in internal labs and third-party facilities to check that they meet their own and international standards and,

5. They seal all their own oils in their own facility to ensure that there is no break in the chain with supplying Grade A oils that go above and beyond organic measures.

One of the many reason why they're the best.

Plus - their oils hold healing frequency #boom.

Jump in here if you want to incorporate these oils into your life. It's a game changer!


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