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DIY Essential Oil Recipes

A couple of beautiful DIY recipes that have served my lately 😍⁠

For headaches, adding to an amber glass 10ml roller/dropper:⁠

💫 10+ drops of Peppermint⁠

💫 10 drops of Lavender⁠

💫 Jojoba oil⁠

For general aches (such as growing pains or muscle soreness), adding to an amber glass 10ml roller/dropper:⁠

💫 5 drops of Peppermint⁠

💫 5 drops of Frankincense⁠

💫 2-4 drops of Panaway⁠

💫 2 drops of Thieves⁠

💫 Fractionated Coconut Oil⁠

Then adjusting for ratios depending on age appropriate dilution.⁠

I made these two in the middle of the night when we 5 year old was dealing with some awful growing pains in his legs but they have served us well for tension headaches and muscle strains too!⁠

If you would prefer to grab my oil blends ready made, make sure you peruse my shop here for deliveries within Australia (or overseas by special request).

And, if you're ready to get started on your own oily journey of using and mixing pure and blended oils for emotional regulation, low tox cleaning, physical and mental health and more ... grab the Young Living essential oil starter pack here!


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