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Deciding Who You Will Be

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Whoever you decide to be is who you will be.

Did you know everything is within your grasp? All the possibilities are real and completely available to you. It's a matter of whether or not you decide that they're part of the picture. Or not.

When you decide something is an absolute and you make a decision that IT is tangible and accessible. Then it becomes just that.

Focus on something for around 17 seconds and you start to trigger the law of attraction, focus on something for around a minute and a half and you start to manifest it.

This is true for both positive and negative things.

Ever noticed that some people 'just have bad luck' and Murphy's law is their defining bio? Where they are also a negative, pessimistic person who continually reminds you of what is NOT possible? Well, that's the reality they have chosen and what they will continually choose to attract.

You cannot save them. Just as you want to covert them and show them what IS possible. They want to convert you to demonstrate their reality that it ISN'T.

And for them. That will be their truth.

Negative energy attracts negative energy. Just as positive attracts positive.

And studies have actually shown that saying negative things and being in a pessimistic mindset will change atoms around you and CHANGE THE ENERGY OF OBJECTS around you.

Everybody has probably seen the videos floating around Facebook showing what happened at a high school when they talked smack and dissed a plant versus talking love etc. to it's sister plant. The plant that got continuously ridiculed and talked down to wilted and browned. It's sister thrived.

Apparently tests have been done similarly on food. They looked at the energy of food when a person walked into a room and THOUGHT about eating it but from the perspective of smashing it, 'torturing' it and 'how it was a piece of crap'. The energy of the food completely changed and was on a level of what would be expected if it was actually being tortured and could feel that. The same was true even when they thought horrible thoughts about a particular egg in a carton of eggs - it affected the entire carton, not just the one egg.

Now, when they tested what happened with the energy when the person thought about eating the food with positivity, grace and thankfulness and how the food was going to nourish and serve a beautiful purpose. The energy of the food completely changed again to be positive.

This was what happened just with thoughts. Not even words or actions.

I wholeheartedly believe that this is why saying grace, giving thanks for your food versus not can result in getting food poisoning or not.

When I was little, my entire family were away on holidays and we made the fated decision to try a new fish and chip shop. We all got flake, potato cakes and shared chips. My little brother and I shared a flake and potato cake. After dinner everyone become VIOLENTLY ill with the worst food poisoning known to man. Everyone except my mum and I. Why? Because we were the only ones who had on that particular day, at that particular meal, prayed over our food before eating it.

If you are positive, neutral or negative about the people, situations, objects and food around you - it makes a difference.

You make the difference to your own life.

And obviously, unlike plants or food, we can choose whether to take on the energy around us or not and more often than not, we can choose to take ourselves away from certain situations. But, still, why wouldn't you want to choose to up level the energy you surround yourself with?

Whatever you decide has power. What you think has power. Your mindset and what you focus on will determine everything.

*I have no fucking idea what the name etc. of the specific studies I read or heard about previously so google it if you want


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