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Dealing with Judgement

Let's talk about feeling like people will judge you for live streaming or putting yourself out there too much or 'being conceited' by posting that gorgeous selfie or by 'being full of yourself' for posting about your wins and your successes.

There will ALWAYS be people who judge.

There will always be people out there who won't like what you're doing, what you're wearing, what you have to say, your beliefs, your opinions, the way you show up, the way you don't show up, what you don't believe in, what you don't say, what you don't wear, what you don't do.

No matter what you do or don't do - there will be people who judge.

Trying to live your life and tailor your online and offline presence to suit what you imagine everyone as a whole would prefer - won't work. Because we are each so individual and we often having a completely contrasting opinion to the person next in line.

If you try to please everyone you won't please anyone or at the very least you'll just be someone that people don't necessarily rave about and don't necessarily rage against.

Remember, when people do judge or when they say something unkind or when they give un-constructive un-welcome feedback - what they say and what compels them to say something is based on their own personal experiences. It's not you. It's them.

Sometimes it's that you remind them of someone or a memory ... sometimes it's because they have different beliefs and different values .... sometimes it's that you remind them of what they SHOULD be doing, what they should be stepping into and how they SHOULD be showing up. And seeing that reflection of where they should be, but aren't, makes them upset, envious, angry and triggered.

And if you are not triggering people, then you're probably not showing up in your full element and doing as much as you could be.

Up levelling and stepping more into who you are will sometimes result in your friendship groups and relationships evolving or changing too.

And that's ok.

Seeing someone unsubscribe, saying goodbye to a destructive friendship, blocking a troll, departing from those who don't celebrate our successes - just makes room for the MANY followers, friendships and people that ARE in tune to what we are saying and the full version of who we are.

Being your crazy wonderful self online will close the door to those that never truly aligned with you in the first place and it will make you a shining beacon for the people who love exactly who you are and what makes you so fabulous - on livestreams, posting your random thoughts, taking a million photos of yourself and shouting your accomplishments from the rooftop 🙂

It'll make THEM smile and elevate with you.


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