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Creating Daily Habits

For 42 days now I've been working on my daily habits with a goal of increased happiness, better wellness and more productivity and I can safely say that I am definitely turning the tides.

More than just tides, I've shifted the whole damn ocean.

In my first month, I concentrated just on drinking water, journaling and lymph node massage. And since then I found it pretty easy to add on taking my supplements and only having one coffee (1+ hour after waking).

From 30 days in, I had just started celery juicing (drinking 400ml straight on an empty stomach, 30 min before anything else each morning) and I decided to try to commit to an additional daily three of:

- Breathwork

- 10 min exercise

- 5-10 min grounding (barefoot on the grass)

Wasn't smooth sailing however.

Most of my breath work exercises take at least 15 min and I am an impatient person. I am also in resistance to exercising at home with the kids and am often distracted from going to the estate gym when there is theoretical opportunity. I even found reasons to avoid doing grounding many days (easy enough when you've suffered a horrid ant bite reaction recently and your grass has surprise prickle patches).

In any case, it's all just excuses right? Yes and no.

Sometimes, self care is disguised as avoidance - e.g. if your adrenal glands are shot, your cortisol is too high or your progesterone is too low - it wouldn’t be in your best interest to exercise at all so your unconscious will support not doing so. Or, if your iron levels are super low and you’re still waiting on the supplement shipment (hello, it’s me).

But, sometimes you're going to be in resistance to new habits just because the cost of leaving your comfort zone feels too high for the perceived benefit.

Go from drinking no water to 2L a day and it's easy to maintain. Your brain is no longer a shrivelled up prune! You know the difference. Go from doing nothing for water retention/joint pain to supporting your lymphatic system and you'll easily be on board for 2 min of work daily. And journaling is often an instant win too with sorting out the mind.

But the long con? When it's a habit that takes longer than 2 min a time, can’t be multi tasked or doesn't have an instant pay off - that can be harder to take on board.

I haven't ditched my attempts to become regular with breath work or exercise but I have reevaluated and am not pushing myself to do these daily especially since my theme of the month has been frustration (with feeling inconsistent and not in my purpose work enough).

Instead, I’ve switched my new additional daily habits to ones that can be multi tasked or make me instantly happy:

- 30 min of educational reading/audio book

- 10 min of purpose work/writing

- 5-10 min grounding/sun (and I’ve given myself boundaries and comforts around this)

Remember - you will not be the same person tomorrow as who you are today and, even with habit building, you cannot anticipate what is going to practically work vs what may not.

So long as you don’t throw your intentions out the door and continue to stride forward even if you’re zig zagging with what you aimed to do, you’ll be doing right.


Want to find out more about what I do as a Coach and Hormone Educator, how we can work together to remap your mindset, find your intuitive strategies and empower yourself with your cycle? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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