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Change Doesn't Start With Silence

My heart feels heavy with the state of the world and what happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others. I don't know what to say or how to react in a way that will truly be beneficial to the avalanche of change that need to happen here.⁠

I journaled on it this morning and let myself feel into the grief and cry with full awareness that I cannot comprehend how those without my privilege are actually feeling.⁠

So. How can I do something? Or how can we?⁠

I know I can use my voice - however small it may be. I can speak to what I am feeling - the same as I did about the bushfires or the virus (I mention this because I know some are using the cop out that this is a sensitive topic as a reason not to talk about it so I'll prompt you as I was prompted - do you avoid talking about sensitive topics that DON'T involve race?).⁠

And, I can shine light on what must be looked at - no matter how uncomfortable it may be to do so.⁠ As an empath I have often felt like an intruder when over-feeling what someone else is dealing with. But this isn't about me.⁠ And it's not necessarily about you.⁠

What would happen if we ALL spoke up, if we all paid attention, if we all created ripples? For what is happening overseas as well as our own doorsteps?⁠

What would happen if we all actually took action as tho what was happening racially happened to members of our own majority or minority?⁠

If you're religious - how would you be reacting right now if a member of your church was hunted down while they jogged in the street and persecution was actually on your doorstep today?⁠

If you're a woman - how would you react if your sister had suffocated with someone sitting on her neck while she screamed and cried for breath and you knew that it could have just as easily happened to you?⁠

If you're a parent - what would you be doing and saying right now if your child had been gunned down while they slept in their bed?⁠

We are all human and we need to stand up and fight for each other.⁠

Change doesn't start with silence.⁠

Picture from Unsplash, by BP Miller

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