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Caffeine vs Decaf

"Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's CAFFEINE ..."

I did actually quit coffee for a few months last year to help with adrenal fatigue and give my liver a rest which was then in theory going to help release excess estrogen. I quit drinking wine at the same time and felt very virtuous. The issue with the decaf coffee I switched to though was that it wasn't made using the Swiss method (I'm guessing since it was the cheap supermarket Nespresso knock off pods).⁠

So, from a liver perspective I was switching caffeine for chemicals as that's how a lot of decaf coffees are made - they literally 'wash' out most of caffeine with chemicals 😬

*Did not know about the different methods when I started my quitting coffee experiment*⁠

I do believe that having that break still made a massive difference to my adrenal glands (and maybe once a year I'll do the same with the good decaf option) but I must say I'm glad to be back in my love of coffee land and finishing the day more often than not when a glass of shiraz.

Always pays to switch things up, try out different options you feel called to but -⁠

Regardless of what you're going to explore (whether it be ways to elevate your wellness, mindset modalities, spiritual tools or who you're going to work with) don't follow your assumptive logic that everything that seems good is good.⁠

Follow your inner authority and DYOR.⁠


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