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Business Strategy Intentions

This weekend I’ve been holed away in my study planning things for my biz and setting intentions. I’ve also been having a look over this first month in my business and working out what felt great, what felt off and what I could have changed along the way.

I’ve set the intention for a lot more content in the new month and, being a bit more diverse about where you spread it - I’ll be diving more in to LinkedIn and YouTube and making sure I report of my progress along the way. If you’re on those platforms, make sure you say hi 👋 with LinkedIn esp. the platform hasn’t got the memo that I want to connect with badass soulpreneurs and so I’m only getting connection suggestions for the stuffy beige brigade ...

I’m not going to keep doing DAILY instastory social media optimisation tips (I mean to be honest they had slipped down to about 3 x a week anyway) because I feel like I could better address those in a 10 min Q&A live either on Insta or FB ... or maybe even LI once a week. I’ll still chuck one up prolly at least weekly on the stories tho ... Where do you tend to go for daily/weekly tips from mentors/your tribe?

Other than that I’m gonna prioritise my mindset work more. I’m way behind on the courses I’m taking and haven’t read or journaled nearly as much as my soul has craved this month - mainly because of feeling that I don’t have time. But time is a concept and I’m gonna whip my time into shape and take back control! Hell yes. If that’s a weird concept to you - explore it. It’ll change everything.

And so - that’s my intentions and plans for my biz for the next month in a nutshell ✨ What have you got planned for yours?


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