Blending Spirituality with Strategy

I just did a portion of a Psychic activation course where I ended it weeping.

Weeping for the child within me that I silenced and at the power of the gifts that I quietened. I pulled them forward and felt myself fill with light and juicy goodness.

Some of you may continue to be confused by my story - as an online Business growth and flow based strategy consultant - why am I bothering to complement my existing knowledge with courses like these? Why blend the spiritual with the strategy? Why not ‘stay in my lane’?

The reason is here: Knowing myself makes me a better leader. Healing myself helps me run my life and business better. And uncovering my hidden gifts and what I know I need to lean into - helps me add flavour and uniqueness to my existing modalities.

Clair-sense and my empath abilities are my most heightened current psychic abilities and I def use them both when I am sussing out collaborations, workshops and when I am consulting and coaching clients. I used to just call it my intuition tho. And now I’m adding in so much more ... I’m literally brimming with excitement at what continues to unfold in this space and how I get to weave it in with my existing magic.

What’re you leaning into and learning right now?


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