Before Use, Read Your Manual

I'm a star according to my Wealth Dynamics. A Generator Human Design type (Sacral 2/4 Split Definition). And a Capricorn Sun and Aquarius Moon/Rising in reference to the Zodiacs.⁠

It amazing how on point various readings like this can be and, validity how you work the way you do, why your mindset is the way it is and how to elevate different parts of your entirety by shifting into flow with yourself.⁠

Do you do blueprints, personality tests and birth chart analysis to give you direction and get a grasp on your mechanics?⁠

Random story time that has a point ...⁠

When my husband and I moved into our first place together back in 2009, we invested in a smooth, quiet, beautiful brand new washing machine. And it proceeded to literally jump around the laundry room with horrendous sounds every single time it was in use. It got to the point where every time it was turned on, someone had to go and sit on it for the duration to avoid it pulling its water tubing out and flooding the whole space.⁠

Three years later.⁠

We were moving house and we randomly decided to look at the manual to see if there was anything we needed to do it before uprooting it. Who can guess what happened??⁠

We found out that washing machines have these things called transit bolts in them that keep the washing machine tub from moving when it itself is being moved. They are then of course meant to be removed prior to use. 😅⁠

Amazingly the washing machine hadn't ripped itself apart and is now quiet and surprising still alive. And bolt free.⁠

Forever thereafter, whenever anything seemed really trying or too far from flow, my husband and I would look at each other and ask - Is this another transit bolt situation? Have we read the manual? Have we looked beyond the surface?⁠

And my question for you is the same ... Have you read your manual?⁠

It's all available to you. You can find out why you are the way you are and create a life and business that is built from ease and joy and perfectly suited to you. Flow is your birth right.⁠

So look at Wealth Dynamics, Human Design, Astrology, Myer Briggs, Enneagram, Gene Keys, Love Languages, DISC, Epigenetics or whichever ones feel right for you. Just start examining beneath the surface - you'll uncover a world within you and that will be the start of everything changing.


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