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Be Multifaceted

Ever noticed that some people on social media and in life only have one mood or variation of being. It's like they set themselves to default years ago and forgot to ever hit the reset button.

I unfollowed someone yesterday. A prominent amazing person who has done really great things and who I was initially excited to follow and watch. I unfollowed her because ever single post of hers I read was saturated with the story of being a martyr, a vilified woman and someone who had to beg for her worth. I believe that this is her truth and the empath in me feels for her and what she is dealing with. BUT I also believe that it may be a reality that she is choosing to live into. Or at the very least that's all I happen to see.

Whatever you water will grow. Wherever you dispense your energy is where you will draw energy back from. And, whatever you focus on becomes bigger.

I don't believe this means you shouldn't talk about the crappy stuff that happens or raise hell and highlight when you've been pulled down or have the occasional rant. However when that appears to be your only truth and you don't seem to know who you are aside from that of a wounded woman - that is an issue.

Plus ... guess what? If you only draw your attention to one thing ... it gets super boring for those in the audience.

Today, my kids and I were in a foul mood. I don't know what was up. I was mildly annoyed at myself for not journaling as soon as I got up - maybe they picked up on that energy and ran with it ... maybe they were in a mood or dealing with their own drama and I didn't honour, listen and support them in that. Either way, there were tantrums, entanglements and all the rest leading up until daycare drop off. And I started to let it get to me. But, I also knew that it was something I was choosing into ... after all my PMS isn't due for a few more days so it couldn't be that!

I could have continued on that vein for the rest of the day. The rest of the week. The rest of forever. I could have chosen to run with the story that my kids are this or life is that or my days are the other. I could have welcomed in more vibrations of the same. But I didn't. I chose instead to shift my mood and shift the moment and shift the day. I did this by journaling it out, detaching, using some white sage and crystals and making the decision to move on and call in higher vibrations in future.

We each have long or short periods of time where we have the opportunity to do this. Either way - we do have the power to change the way we react, the way we deal and whether or not that is going to be the prevailing theme when we deliver our message to the world for the next however many years.

So - check in.

Are you focusing on the same constrictive thing that you did yesterday? Do you have the opportunity to shift your energy and lose your current story? Do you have more to bring to the table than what you are currently? Do you have the chance to bring lessons from a different angle? And, do you have the option to tune in to the bigger picture and all variations of yourself?

Remember - you are more than just one aspect of your being. You are the warrior, the saviour, the advisor, the believer, the lover, the creative goddess and so much more. Every day. In every moment. At every point along the way.


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