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Be a Stranger to the Past

These were my New Years goals as the year ticked over to 2017 prior to diving into my own healing and self development journey. My how things have changed. I don't know if I would recognise the person I was over 3 and half years ago.⁠

My anxiety and confidence were so bad that I literally put smiling and looking at people in the face as a NY resolution (!!) ... My worthiness and self-love were so low that even buying myself something as simple as an eyebrow pencil had to be a RESOLUTION.⁠

My mind truly boggles. And I marvel at how quickly everything can change. Wherever you are at in your journey - you don't have to recognise yourself at all in a year or two or three. And as a wise person once said: you shouldn't if in fact you are growing.⁠




Stop talking about money and savings⁠

Don't talk about what you plan to do/wish list, talk about what you have done/accomplished ⁠

Work on confidence - head up, say hello to neighbours, smile, wave.⁠

Smile and laugh as often as possible. Have a smile as default expression⁠

Stay off FB for personal use⁠

Be on time - aim to leave an hour early⁠

Put $100 away each fortnight for holidays/Christmas⁠

Learn guitar⁠

Start painting and drawing again⁠

Sell all excess crap on gumtree⁠

Journal every week⁠

Learn to use camera better ⁠


Potty train Connor⁠

Put Connor in childcare 2 x a wk (Monday and Wednesday ideally)⁠

Find swim classes and soccer or music classes for Connor⁠


Set up veggie patches again⁠

Get a new dining table and chairs⁠

Fix up spots on walls⁠


Set it up⁠

Make products⁠

Make $10,000 ⁠

Get accountant⁠


Get kids details tattoo⁠

Find naturopath for hashimoto's ⁠

Get eyebrows dyed and buy new pencil⁠

Get manicure and pedicures done every 3 months⁠

Get laser hair removal⁠

Get varicose veins fixed⁠

Whiten teeth naturally⁠

Do foot exercises ⁠

Lose 30 kg:⁠

Start running⁠

Join a gym⁠

Do yoga daily⁠

Walk daily⁠

Talk baby once lost 30 kg⁠

Mandala tattoo once lost 20 kg⁠

Hair extensions once lost 10 kg


Want to find out more about what I do as a Business, Life and Period Coach and, how we can work together to expand your energy, create more flow and unlock your optimal methods? Read more here or message me to lock in your spot for a consult or 1:1 coaching. x

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