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Battle Plan Strategy

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

A long long time ago I started a business and hustled hard. I would consistently put myself out there on socials, throw myself in the deep end with any new features, livestream without hesitation and be that girl who said - it’s not that hard … just get started! In fact, I probably said that a number of times.

And it wasn’t hard per say in the first year or so when what I was teaching was more so on point with what I believe my Godly purpose is specific to helping others (even tho I wasn’t following God at the time).


It got hard when I started incorporating all the new age stuff I was exploring into my business. Despite the fact that it was all packaged as stuff that would make things ‘easier’.

And when I shifted away from my training and gifts around business building/coaching to try to give myself more of a point of difference and was agreeing to work that I didn’t actually like doing.

And when I struggled with my health in spite of all the answers I had in relation to this (prior to coming back to God).

And when I tried to go back to university (100% something my ego alone was pursuing), homeschool my kids and run my business all at the same time whilst my marriage was ending.

And now. After God hit pause on my business for 5-6 months, It’s hard getting back into rhythm and the hustle zone. I feel woefully out of practice with it all in spite of how good and right it feels after cleaning up shop and getting things back in line with God's plan for me.

So here’s my battle plan, feel free to swipe and use! ->

⚡️Pray over my business, strategy and what steps to take each day

⚡️Hold myself accountable to creating weekly content (however that looks but IG stories doesn’t count haha)

⚡️Be in conversation with others who inspire me to actually take action (and this is what spurred this post)

⚡️Dedicate at least 1 hr a day to my business

⚡️Get the practical behind the scenes stuff in order

⚡️Add in one new element each week to scale

⚡️Do what I say I will do

⚡️And … just get started.

God Bless,


Want to find out more about what I do as a Coach and Strategist, and how we can work together to fast forward your Kingdom Business Building and bring more joy to your life? Read more here or message me to drop into conversation or a 1:1 coaching call. x

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