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Attitude of Gratitude

I am in such a state of gratefulness today. Being thankful for the opportunities I have manifested, the soul led connections that I have made and those I am making space for and, the abundant feeling I have when imparting value to the world.

Whenever I am in a state like this, I find it’s a really good time to set intentions for the future ... as well as celebrate the feels online.

Too often I see entrepreneurs (female mostly) holding themselves back from talking up their best days ... their success stories and their triumphs - because they don’t want people to roll their eyes, make fun of their #soblessed post and make an assumption that the poster is conceited.

However, if this is you and you believe in acting authentically online (where being transparent is a big part of that) you should be showing every layer - the good as well as the bad.

Connection isn’t always about the struggles or the tears. Connection is also about celebration and elevation.

People will engage with you and your posts when they are getting something out of it (amusement, amazement and value) AND when they see part of themselves in you. This means that whilst it’s important to talk about loses/pitfalls and what might feel confronting to post ... you should also be posting when everything feels amazing/perfect and when some people might think you’re showing off.

Yes certain peeps will not like it when you’re in your element but so what? If people aren’t willing to celebrate your highs, why would you want them in your space right?

So ... declare to the world that you’re #blessed if you are and open up a conversation about the dreams as well as the drama ❤️


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