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Are You Cutting Off Your Wings?

If we all had wings - how many of us would learn to fly?

This question come to me during a beautiful guided visualisation. I could see breathtaking wings, available to each of us. But to fly, we would have to risk it all and fall from a great height (as birds do) and the many chose to tuck their wings away and walk instead.

Would you, do you - fly?

Do you let yourself leave your comforts and plummet into the unknown? Knowing it's a hard journey? Do you flap your wings ungracefully? Looking awkward, clearly not being a pro, an obvious novice on display for anyone watching?

Not many of us do. It's hard to front up and say - I don't know what I'm doing. I'm not perfect. But I'm going to try anyway.

One of the biggest catalysts for the change I started in my life a few years back was reading a paragraph in a book about risk. It said - count up all the many incredible risks you've taken over the last decade and then, there was a subsequent exercise or question to make a learning point. I can't remember what it was. I do remember that I could not count a single significant risk I had taken because I was so focused on protecting myself. I literally had stopped living.

The easiest ways. The ways that save face. The ways that don't put you on the line. They rarely reap the most magnificent results.

Your nature is to thrill seek - if you aren't allowing freedom for that, it might just be presenting as self sabotaging habits instead. So do something that scares you. That terrifies you today.

Maybe you initiate a conversation. Or sign up to learn to do something new. Or stand up for something you believe in.

Maybe you stop weighing up everything your inner authority shows you you want with what it will 'look' like to anybody else?


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