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Are Healing Tools just Bandaids?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Are essential oils, crystals, frequency healing devices or otherwise just a bandaid for something that's manifesting itself at a deeper level?⁠

Yes and no.⁠

Don't drink enough water and get a headache? Peppermint and rose quartz rollers will be a lifesaver. But as will drinking more water and getting more sleep and embracing less stress.⁠

Don't take the time to drop in deeper when you meditate? Frankincense, White Angelica, palo santo, music and the moon will assist you ... but can you do it on your own without any of that just by choosing where to direct your focus and brain energy? Absolutely.⁠

Feeling negative energy in your space, your dreams and otherwise? Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline crystals, high frequency tones, frequency devices or flowers and prayers will help. As will changing your surroundings and those whose energy you frequent.⁠

There is often a cause which can be corrected just as easily as pulling something out of our toolkit. Sometimes we need to address this cause and other times we get to work around it. It's always up to you and either or both can be the correct course of action depending.⁠


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