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Anger and Wellness

I’ve been curiously unwell these last few days and my son said to me: ‘Maybe your body is angry at you?’

That there shows he’s paying attention because this is the type of thing I generally ask when things are out of whack.

i.e. How does this line up with recent emotions/feelings? What does pain etc in this particular of the body energetically represent? Is there anything obvious at a physical level that should be tended to and what’s the unconscious choice that’s led to that?

Basically - what is the body trying to be vocal about with this?

The big topic in my space this week has been anger and frustration around my inability to be in control of certain things, particularly from past/old paradigm perceptions that I was holding emotion from. That despite the difference that LOA, manifestation and frequency work makes, the preordained is still at play.

No surprise really that when I opened up Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life book today and reviewed my symptoms that she listed the issue relating to “Anger and frustration”.

So I’m doing somatic releasing and meditating, wellness remedies, will go to my Dr next week, and will be repeating Louise’s suggested affirmations which I have embellished as follows:

**Letting go is easy. Letting go of what is not mine is easy. Letting go of the past is easy. Life agrees with me, I assimilate the new (and divine destiny as part of that) in every moment of every day. All is well. I love and approve of myself and I alone create sweetness and joy in my life.**

Source is my directer, but I am writing this story. And I choose the genre.


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