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Addressing Imposter Syndrome

Softly enquiring into my feels on imposter syndrome today. Not so much a questioning of whether I know what I’m doing or have value to impart - I do not question that. But more a matter of whether or not I am too influenced in the WAY I do things, what I gravitate towards, what I like, what I love and what I embrace.

I started asking myself this morning - am I feeling more deeply into my wild core natures or, am I just reflecting those around me?

I get insecure when I fall in love with a new hobby, have a new calling, find a new path - I worry about whether or not that pull is just on the surface or if it’s always been there, and I’ve only just discovered it.

This is my cautious, self protective side - the part of me that was always reminded as a child that I changed my mind too often, that I was too fickle with whatever was my passion of the month, that I always want to try out what everyone else was doing and that I needed to just stick to one thing or the other.

Back then, I always had a hard time committing tho. What if there was something I was better suited to? What if there was something I loved doing MORE? What if, what if, this didn’t feel THAT exciting because it just wasn’t meant for me? My life was fairly sheltered too so I constantly felt like the horizon was going to offer more possibilities.

Now today, even when I find something I truly love, something that is completely expansive and even when I KNOW I was soul led - I question it.

So, this is my mantra for today and my truth:

I feel more confident and at peace and powerful than ever before with the me I am today. She is not a mirror. She stands separate and alone in her power and uniqueness. She is a force and there has been no-one and will be no-one like her again.

Remember this when you get the intuition and the nudge to do something, post something, say something, live something: you are allowed to try ALL the things and your heart will know when you have found your groove.


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