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Action, Joy and Pleasure

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

I've decided. It's done. I'm not have just one word for 2021. Nope, I'm having THREE, MF's! ACTION, Joy and Pleasure.

Was just going to be Joy and Pleasure - in all things in everyday, in being a mother, in business, in love, in showing up in the world, in eating fruit 🍓 and drinking wine 🍷... but something I've also been trying to consistently bring into my world of being is also the art of in fact being a generator and taking deliberate real world steps in the big things.

I love setting goals, buying courses, connecting in to future self to see the way, locking into the feeling and energy of what I want but for most of my life I have operated as though I am more Manifestor than Generator (Human Design speak here). Even though I am in fact a Generator.

I lived in my head for most of my first 30 or so years and, trying to force myself to create my 'desired' reality in opposition to my design actually made me sick. There is a lot more to that i.e. the fact that my unconscious was deliberately self sabotaging myself and my 'desires' but this is one big way that showed up in terms of the action I did or didn't take.

After I turned 32/33, things did start to shift massively and certainly after coming to understand myself better I took a whole lot of massive action in my life:

> I started my own business

> Stepped out on my own without the security of a 9-5

> Moved across the country

> Changed niches again and again even when it scared the hell out of me

> Fell in love with myself, my body and my abilities

> Started a top ranking podcast

> Grew an online community

> Actively put myself in the spotlight

> Did a hell of a lot of therapy and healing to work through what was previously holding me back

> Did courses, read books, went to workshops and dove into things constantly BUT -

There was still a lot of stuff I didn't take action on and instead fell into previously patterns of playing Manifestor.

So in the last few months I've been challenging myself more in this area and now feel it's only right that this year gets to be an amazing experiment in generation and action too.

What're your word/words for 2021?


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