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20 Content Ideas and Prompts

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

A task I set myself this past week (to help get the ball rolling again with consistent content) was to write 111 content ideas and post topics today (as mentioned in my stories), want to join me and do the same?

Here are some of my prompts and categories that I used to help stimulate ideas in this area:

1. About me/My background

2. What my business offers/The way I work

3. Why I stepped into this business

4. Who I work with/the results they see

5. My business point of difference (maybe it's you, maybe it’s your pillar values, maybe it’s the combo of modalities you offer etc.)

6. Did you know XYZ about THIS*

7. This makes me so mad/rant/issues and solutions*

8. What the modalities I use are/why I use them

9. How to DIY with the modalities I draw on

10. Why I am passionate about XYZ

11. Amusing stories*

12. The science behind what I do/how I work

13. Mindset/somatic/spiritual/Emotion connection to what I offer

14. 3/7/10 ways to XYZ*

15. Answering questions raised by community*

16. Solving problems*

17. Industry myths

18. Entrepreneur/Biz Owner/Behind the scenes life

19. Your experiences using the modalities etc. that you use in your biz

20. Stats/figures*

*Related to modalities/offers/industry connected to your biz

And in all cases, connecting back into who your client is, what they need and how you are there to help them. I’m a Generator in my Human Design so a lot of the time, e.g. with my prompts, I start from ‘I’ to then led into how I can support my clients/community with my calling and the unique way combination of modalities I bring to the table.

If you’re a Projector, you may prefer to rephrase this list to be less about ‘I’ and more about your client avatar. If you’re a Reflector, about your community and if you’re a Manifestor, about the vision.

An important thing to remember about whatever you post is that people want to be entertained, amused, educated and feel connection so let this be the corner stone of whatever you put out there.

P.S. This post is an example of #18


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