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10+ Essential Oils for Respiratory Support

My mum sent me a list the other day of top 10 Essential Oils for Respiratory Support and so I thought I'd share these with you too here:





🌿Tea Tree⁠



🌿Cinnamon Bark⁠



These oils have been used successfully in clinical trials, medicinally listed in biblical and other ancient text, been researched by scientists and, recognised for their various antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and/or immune boosting properties - just to mention a few points.

Doesn't it just blow your mind that given these facts, the general public are more inclined to go to the pharmacy and get a patented concoction with just a fraction of these OG solutions in them instead of just going to the source?!

Crazy times ...

Personally, my go to for Respiratory Support is Thieves, a Young Living blend called R.C. and Peppermint but I'm definitely going to give all the above oils a go too.

If you want to get started on your oily journey and support your physical and mental health in a more holistic way, grab your Young Living essential oil starter kit here.


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