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3 Month Package



Hey, I'm Jessica! I'm a Capricorn/double Aquarius and 2/4 Sacral Generator.


Amongst other things, I'm also a Business, Life and Period Coach with 12+ years Team and Business Management experience, 3+ years experience in the Transformation field, Meditation Guide, Ceremonial Cacao Facilitator and Period Cycle Guide.

And, I can't wait to chat with you about how you get to tailor and elevate your life - inside and out!


I have a passion for working with my clients to unravel blocks and limiting beliefs, find their voice and intuition and create amazing things using the gifts they were born to bring to the world.

Your destiny is real, you are needed in the game and millions of people are waiting to feel the impact of your undiluted light. So let's start by writing out the dimmer switch and, finding the path to turn you on and create an abundant flow of energy in exactly what and where you truly desire to bring your brilliance to.

I absolutely love coaching my clients on:

> Changing mindset through self development tools, journaling and the introduction of meditation and other modalities;

> Developing a content strategy that comes from a place of ease and flow around their fluctuating energy, moods, cycles and the ever varying realities of life;

> Optimising their online platforms, reach and presence

> Overcoming blocks, limitations and resistance with respect to finding the confidence and clarity to show up online and taking command;

> Learning to love and realise the creative, intuitive and beautiful power of their menstrual and female cycles.

> Understanding their human design and profiling.


> Embracing their spiritual gifts and intuition and, learning how to amplify them and utilise them for business and life.


> Tuning in to their calling and, realising the full scope of their potential and possibility.

> Getting in touch with their future selves, guides, wild core and more for direction and embedded knowledge.

If you have been wanting to work with me 1:1 then now is the time beautiful, you're ready to step off the sidelines. xxx


This 3 Month package is your fully comprehensive ticket to creating resonance in your Business, Spirit, Cycle and Life.

  • 3 x 1:1 40 minute deep connection calls via Zoom Video spread across your package (valued at $435)

  • 2 x 1:1 40 minute Inner Seasons Initiation call and accompanying bonuses (valued at $285)

  • Telegram Voice/Text Message support (valued at $999)

  • Access to any new programs or courses run during your 3 month coaching period

  • Lifetime access to my Business Initiation Portal of 40+ video trainings, guides, workbooks and more (valued up to $999)


  • Individualised Menstrual/Female Cycle support

  • Tailored journaling prompts and affirmations

  • How to amplify and tailor your spiritual toolkit with crystals, oils, rituals and more.

  • And more!


If you know that you are ready then I'm here for you.

And of course, if you want to jump on a clarifying call to run through any questions then we can do that too!


I love love love working with those who are excited about calling in alignment and purpose into their lives and future or present businesses. This is what gets me excited too!

On the 23rd of January 2019 I launched my business whilst still working 40+ hours at my main hustle. 5 months later I went all in and now manage my business and parenting.


In my first 12 months alone, I multiplied my own online following by over 500%, worked with dozens of clients around the world, launched online programs and monthly memberships, became a published writer, was interviewed with top ranking global podcasts and founded a top 50 ranking podcast and online community with 280+ members.

These days I have scaled back to concentrate on my 1:1 coaching, writing, education and the development of a deluxe line of elixirs to support wellness.

My coaching style is intuitive and I compliment this with mindset, spiritual and self development modalities and practices depending on what you're looking for coaching around, day to day, call to call, and what I feel called to bring to you too!


As your Coach, I want you to be able to work alongside your nature not against it. This may also mean looking at your menstrual cycle and activating each of your phases for the betterment of your life and business (predominately if you are premenopausal and following a natural hormonal cycle). We will also look at your Human Design and how this speaks to your natural inclinations to do business, live life, learn and grow and, how you are affected through the lunar cycles according to your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. If aligned we can also look at introducing beautiful rituals to support you in this - think: dance, mirror work, self love, self care, meditation, oils, crystals, smudging, signs, cards, song, affirmations and more to allow full expansion in your visioning, creation and mindset.

I'm on a mission to embrace all my wild woman magic and I'd love to be the permission slip and expander in showing to do the same!

If you know you're a YES then let's lock it in today and bring forward your next level self who is definitely waiting in wings and chomping at the bit to fly - coaching is by application only to ensure we are a great fit for one another. x


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