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Here's a little bit about me ....


I'm the 3rd child of 4 and come from a very Christian upbringing. I always saw myself as the quiet, shy, good girl but was really quite rebellious at heart! For the longest time I resisted my own nature, my own spiritual gifts and my own design because I sought approval and wanted to hide my shine.

It wasn't until after I hit 30, had my two earth side children and witnessed my entire identity stripped back to it's core that I started to work on my own self development, self understanding, trauma healing and limiting beliefs and WOW to say that things changed would be an understatement.

I moved my family across the country, swapping Melbourne Winters for the Gold Coast's never ending Summer. I began a career that I actually loved as an Executive Business Manager for an online business empire. I started a blog that felt like a true Manifest calling. And, after two decades of living in the shadows, I became myself again.

In the unconscious though, my entrepreneurial spirit was still seeking freedom so with a pivotal astrological event in January 2019 and the resolution prompt:


"Go big like you have never gone before. Consider carefully what you want to declare and set as an intention for this New Moon as the repercussions will continue for the next 6 months. Do not be meek or mild because you can do anything."

I asked myself something that has become my signature journaling prompt:


If you didn't have to answer to anybody, if you had no obligations or expectations or responsibilities as a parent, partner, employee, sibling or otherwise ... What would you be doing in life and business in the next 6 months?

For me, this question led to throwing caution to the wind and launching my own business Jessica XO Lewis (formerly This Jessa Lewis) as a Coach and Educator.


And by the time 6 months rolled by from that New Moon in January, I had ticked off everything on my list: an incredible group of clients, a 6 month membership group, global media/PR, facilitation opportunities and, most importantly, an deepening of flow in all things.

I now work with women around the world on their mapping, their mindset and their 'more' concentrating on feminine cycle elevation, archetype integration, spiritual toolkits, intuitive business and life strategies, mindset hacking and supporting success from a place of ease and flow.

As a 2/4 Sacral Generator, Capricorn Sun and Aquarius Moon/Rising, I have a lot of energy, singular focus, an intuitive and reflective coaching style and love to deviate from the norm :)

About Jessica