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Jessica (Jessa) Lewis immersed herself into the world of entrepreneurship after a pivotal astrological event in January 2019. At this point, she was a few months into discovering Astrology and, just beginning to observe lunar rituals when a Capricorn New Moon arrived on the weekend of the 5th of January. It came with this message: Go big like you have never gone before. Consider carefully what you want to declare and set as an intention for this New Moon as the repercussions will continue for the next 6 months. Do not be meek or mild because with this New Moon, you can do anything.

So she asked herself a question that is now become her staple journaling prompt: If you didn't have to answer to anybody, if you had no obligations or expectations or responsibilities as a parent, partner, employee, sibling or otherwise ... What would you be doing in life and business in the next 6 months?

For Jessica, asking this question led her to go part-time in her position as an Executive Business/Social Media Manager and launch Jessica XO Lewis (formerly This Jessa Lewis), her own coaching agency. 5 months later, she went all in on her business.


And by the time 6 months rolled by from that New Moon in January, she had ticked off everything on her list: an incredible group of soul aligned clients, a 6 month membership group, media/PR from around the world, facilitation opportunities and, most importantly, freedom.

Jessica now coaches women around the world to tune in to themselves and, the tools around them to activate their lives and their businesses. She draws on a combination of meditation, cycle awareness, energetic work, intuition and hand picked modalities to help support her clients in holding space, love and a curiosity for their ultimate vision and what might be available to them right now to step into that.


Growing up, Jessica did not believe she had the right DNA or even the right to consider any pathway as an entrepreneur. After experiencing trauma as a young adult, she spent the next two decades dimming her own light, self protecting and avoiding the spotlight. It wasn't until she become a mother, left behind the ambition of her twenties and returned to work for a multi million dollar conscious online company - that she realised she could make a shift.

From there she began devouring mindset and mindfulness books and podcasts, discovered crystal energy work, became a mediation guide and certified cacao facilitator, activated as a Lightworker, found the power of profiling and ... so much more.

Ever the student, she is currently completing an ever growing number of additional courses to supplement her unique blend of coaching which combines spirituality and strategy, magic and practicality, ritual and logic and, alignment and analytics.

Jessica believes in speaking in a raw, open manner (which may or may not result in fucks being thrown around for good measure), listens to new spiritual and business podcasts daily, reads about 12 books at a time, is surrounded by crystals, cacao, sage, incense, journals and essential oils and, always seeks out the silver linings both in business and life.

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