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I am currently in a process of removing everything that is not of God and that I no longer stand for. Please bare with me during this process and DM any questions! x


After working for over a decade in Management and Business Growth, and then in the Self Development space, I have witnessed one recurring theme, over and over again - the reason most people aren't happy or achieving their dreams is because they've been socially hypnotised to live in a way that's counterintuitive to their own programming and uniqueness.


Where many think they are missing some tangible factor for achieving success, what they’re actually missing are game changing pieces of information based on psychology, holistic health and spirituality.


As just one example, let's consider the 'ideal' that we should just naturally be consistently motivated to get shit done, all day, every day ...

  • Around 30% of the population works best only in 3 hour increments (every day);

  • Dopamine deficiency causes low motivation, and this is on the rise;

  • If you're in fight/flight or freeze (common due to chronic stress) then, sorry, your frontal lobe won't even be in the driver's seat;

  • Classic daily goals and business work weeks are only designed for a Male cycle not the Female and,

  • The Female cycle is actually all about inconsistency.

Plus, sometimes our unconscious simply knows better and we become unmotivated to continue down one path because we are meant to pivot our direction for something better.

Either way, the way you will operate by default is individual, diverse and changes day to day, week to week, per your cycle, based on your own unique motivation drives and calling, and dependant on your profiling and psychology.

The social conditioning that parrots generic one size fits all playbooks on how to be a good, successful member of the community are trash. And trying to live from our point of difference within these models, will kill us.

This is what I teach on. How to live by your own design, work with your body and mind, in alignment with your cycle, create and harness intuitive strategies, and allow your presence to amplify to a vibration that the whole damn world will take notice of.


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