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Pursue your God given DESTINY


After working for over a decade in Team Leadership, Executive Business Management and Online Business Growth, and later in the Self Development space, I have witnessed one recurring theme, over and over again - people are desperately seeking an answer to why things feel so hard, why their lives are so chaotic, and why they so often feel as though they're missing the mark.


Where many think they are missing some tangible factor for achieving success, what they’re actually missing is God or the reminder that God made them completely unique. The reason we don't each fit into someone else's version of achieving success or doing business is because God shaped us each differently, and therefore we would generally find things easier if we used strategies that were also unique and tailored!

A few examples of how this can play out is:​

  • Obedience to where and how God is directing you;

  • Inclusion of your natural talents and preferences;

  • Whole health practicalities such as energy levels and physical/mental health;

  • Awareness of spiritual warfare

  • Reviewing mindset and inner healing;

  • Considering personal values and impact intention;

  • Being mindful of individual commitments and responsibilities;

  • Individual hormone cycles aka seasonal strategy and,

  • Prophetic visions and dreams.

So, if you're ready to be supported with strategies designed specifically for you in business and/or life, let's chat!


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