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Your guide to your Inner Seasons

Farewell one size fits all methodology
Farewell forgoing your design or nature

Farewell operating outside of alignment


After spending over a decade in Management and Business Growth, and then in Intuitive Coaching, I have witnessed again and again that most women are using the wrong operating manual when desiring to create and elevate from flow.


Where many women think they are missing some tangible factor for maintaining daily motivation, what they’re actually missing is a game changing piece of information:


Daily goals, key performance indicators, business work weeks, the traditional financial system and our whole grind/hustle culture is designed for a collective Patriarchal man and Male cycle.


The way you operate is instead individual, diverse and changes day to day, week to week, per a Female cycle.

The current design of the world is not functional for many men either. If we assume that Human Design statistics are not skewed for gender, only the approximately 70% of men who are Generators or Manifesting Generators work best for the inflexible model currently in place. Not to mention those who are not following typical cycles due to hormonal or otherwise diversion.


Regardless of gender, without the recognition and understand of your own operating manual/cycle, finding alignment and ease in the way you leave your legacy may feel like pushing a boulder up a hill, as opposed to flowing out of you with great deliciousness.

So, let's instead welcome in living by design, in alignment with our cycles, harnessing our core energy, in beautiful flow and ease and, allow our power to dial all the way up!