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Your guide to tapping into spark

Find yourself with intuitive strategy
Elevate yourself with hormone education
Design yourself with mindset remapping


After spending over a decade in Management and Business Growth, and then in the Self Development space, I have witnessed again and again that the reason most people aren't actualising what they want in life is because they've often been served up the wrong operating manual.


Where many women and men think they are missing some tangible factor for achieving success, what they’re actually missing are game changing pieces of information based on psychology, holistic health and spirituality:

There are multiple categories that address what drives your motivation

Around 30% of the population works best only in 3 hour increments

Classic daily goals and business work weeks are designed for a Male cycle

Monthly goals and monthly business reviews instead would work best for a Female cycle

Just to mention a few points.

The way you operate is individual, diverse and changes day to day, week to week, per your cycle, based on your own unique motivation drives and dependant on your profiling and psychology.

The current design of the world is simple not functional for every person.


Without the recognition and understand of your own operating manual/cycle, finding alignment and ease in the way you leave your legacy may feel like pushing a boulder up a hill, as opposed to flowing out effortlessly.

So, let's welcome in living by bespoke design, in alignment with our cycles, harnessing our intuitive strategy and, allow our power to dial all the way up!